The Bamboo Stand

The Bamboo Stand

A stand of bamboo

Bamboo is a hardy plant found across a variety of climates, including east Asia, North and South America, sub-Saharan Africa, India, and northern Australia. There are about 1,000 species of bamboo plants. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant on the planet. Bamboo is actually a fast-growing grass, and is a naturally renewing sustainable resource that can be harvested safely at intervals of 3 to 5 years.

The unique grain and other characteristics of bamboo combine to give it a natural beauty that's unmatched by any other wood. Bamboo is best known for its light blond color, but after the steaming and drying process, additional techniques can be utilized to produce a darker wood tone

Products made with bamboo include bamboo flooring, bamboo shades, bamboo cutting boards and other kitchen products, bamboo fences, bamboo hardwoods, bamboo panels, bamboo veneer, bamboo garden edging, bamboo poles, bamboo sushi plates, bamboo counter tops, bamboo bowls and plates, bamboo baskets, and even bamboo clothing.


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